Closing date: 5.00pm Friday 2nd December 2016
Salary: TSH 440,000 TSH per month
Location: Dar es Salaam, Iringa
Our vision is a world where young people are at the forefront of change and development, achieving a just and sustainable world for all. We champion the engagement, position and ultimately the influence of young people at every stage of development. Young professionals are leading our work, from community to the board level, contributing to national and global development targets, proving that young people can and do lead change.
You will be working in support of Kijana Wajibika project -a new youth-led, data-driven accountability programme led by Restless Development which aims to place young people at the centre of development and governance processes and provide a platform to empower young Tanzanians to hold their government toaccount on their commitments such as those made during the elections.
The hypothesis behind Kijana Wajibika, is that if we can empower young people with knowledge, skills and networks, connect them to meaningful opportunities to participate, support them to curate official data and generate their own – they will lead in driving accountability for commitments made by their leaders during the election period, the national development framework and global goals for sustainable development. We will build the skills of young people to advocate for their rights, and duty bearers to respond to youth voices.
Please send a completed application form to jobstanzania@restlessdevelopment.org by 5pm (EAT) on Friday 2nd December 2016. Please note that we DO NOT accept CVs, resumes and cover letters.
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