Clinical Research Coordinator Walter Reed Program

Duties and Responsibilities:

A CRC ensures regulatory compliance.

A CRC acts as point person for the clinical-study site, overseeing all operational responsibilities.

A CRC oversees scheduling all staff members, ensuring everyone is where they need to be in collaboration with the lead clinical research nurse (CRN)

When new staff members are hired, the CRC briefs them on all operational policies and procedures, and ensures each person understands his role and accountabilities.

A CRC is responsible for preparing a participants enrollment, follow up and retention plan as per study protocol requirements .

He/She supervises the staff involved in the trial/study and ensures that protocol is being maintained.

He/She ensures that the clinical trials/studies that are being performed meet the criteria that have been set by the concerned Investigational Review Boards (IRBs) and other regulatory bodies, and sees to it that all remain in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

He/She sees whether the data for the trial/study is being maintained accurately.

He/She assists in analyzing and interpreting the data for the trial as needed.

He/She reports to the principal investigator or study physician responsible for performing the trial/study in relation to the study protocol being executed. .

He/She fills out all the safety and regulatory paperwork required for the trial/study and make sure that they get submitted to the appropriate agencies and boards in the required timelines.

If needed, he/she collects information through interviews, questionnaires, test results and charts.

Skills and Specifications:

A high level of coordination and organizational skills is an absolute requirement Good leadership skills and analytical skills

Good problem-solving and research skills are required Excellent attention to detail

Excellent written and oral communication skills

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills is a must to be successful in this profession

Clear understanding of the research process acquired through both practical and/or academic experience Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with colleagues and clients both internal and external

Demonstrated quantitative/qualitative analysis skills

Strong ability to work independently

Ability to effectively utilize Microsoft Office software

Education and Qualification:

A Bachelor's or a Master's degree in fields such as nursing, clinical officer, public health or social science is required for persons who want to become a clinical research coordinator. Experience with clinical trials, especially regulated clinical trials, is a strong advantage.

Application Instructions:

Interested applicants should send their CV and Cover Letter by post to

Site Director

P O BOX 6396

Mbeya, Tanzania

Applicants must put the TITLE of the Job in the Subject Line

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