Head of Payments Solutions - MFS
Head of Payments Solutions is responsible to oversee the creation, implementation and enhancement of risk-free environment for seamless acquisitions, onboarding and managing of third party business partners in facilitating and buiding payment solutions includes assurance of flawless system intergrations and services both within and ouside the MFS domain
Retail Payments -Customer to Merchants (C2M)
  • Develop and oversee implementation of MFS Merchant Payment (MP) Strategy
  • Support Sales & Channels team in acquiring MFS merchants in line with the customer acquisition strategy and ensure compliance on KYC (Know your Customer)  
  • Build and maintain merchants’ database with proper segmentations based on the approved tiers or channels
  • Identify and overcome barriers to Merchants Payments adoption
  • Spearhead continuous improvement of Technology to improve of retail payment experience
  • Provide curricula to the training team for the education of MFS customers & merchants
  • Design and maintain electronic onboarding of Merchants 
Corporate Solutions 
  • Grow MFS ecosystem to the corporate clientele including Customer to Business (C2B) business to Customer (B2C), Person to Government (P2G) and Government to Person (G2P)
  • Develop Business solutions and improve value proposition for MFS business partners
  • Provide seamless solutions to attract and accelerate Bulk and Bill Pay adoption
  • Monitor platforms for the smooth operation of Government and Nonprofit Institutional payments (Grants, subsidies, Taxes, Utilities)
  • Streamline business processes around business partners’ managementAutomate and promote electronic onboarding of Business partners
Business Support
  • Supporting onboarding of 3rd party Billers
  • Coordinating integration and testing of services for user acceptance 
  • Work closely with legal department to ensure compliance on the administration of 3rd party agreements and contracts
  • Act as first line of support to Merchants and 3rd party partners’ through establishment of a structured user friendly channel
  • Set up adequate tools to monitor and report business partners’ portfolio
  • 5 to 8 years of proven Risk and Operations experience in mobile money business. 
  • Managerial experience in medium to large size organizations.
  • Proficiency with the MS Office Suite including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Project and Visio.
  • University degree in technology / engineering / business administration or related area, MBA is desired.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Solid experience in data analysis and making presentations.
  • Passionate about the possibilities (and challenges) of an increasingly digitally enabled world.
    Strategic thinker.
  • Effective communicator and presenter. 
  • Able to build relationships and credibility quickly.
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