Graduate Electrical Intern

We are now looking for an Electrical Graduated Engineer – to start as an intern – likely to deal with those previous 3 components to successfully complete our rural electrification projects.

Keys responsibility:
Our Electrical Graduated Engineer Intern will be in charge of:
  • Assessment of renewable energy potentials for mini-grids in Tanzania rural areas.
  • Assessment for high potential renewable energy sites of :
    o existing and planned electricity grid structures
    o population centers and
    o public infrastructures in the fields of health, education and economic institutions (e.g. markets, banks, microfinance institutions)
  • Organization of site surveying trips to:
    o Define local community needs and potential customers
    o Raise awareness of the population to the advantages and uses of electricity access though mini-grids.
    o Identify technical features for mini-grid design: power plant, LV network, end-user connection.
    Our Electrical Graduated Engineer Intern will assist SAGEMCOM Engineering team in:
  • Analysis of site surveying trip results.
  • Designing mini-grid power solution based on site survey analysis
  • Selecting reliable partners to install and commission the mini-grid
  • Supervising I&C of the power solution
  • Supervising customer hand-over to keep ensuring a high quality of service.
  • Training site operators
    Knowledge, skills & abilities
    Electrical Graduated Engineer Intern should be dynamic, pro-active, and creative in order to lead a comprehensive needs and technical assessments crucial to complete a successful rural electrification project.
    Electrical Graduated Engineer Intern has to be a hardworking and organized person to manage efficiently logistics before and during site surveying trips: budget, transport, tool and material preparation, accommodation, planning routes, documentation...
Qualification & experiences
Electrical Graduated Engineer
Fluent in English and Swahili.
Employment Type:
6-month internship to be started as soon as possible
Send your resume to:
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