Review of Piloted Community Based Local Production of Complementary Food and Strategy for Scaling up Intervention UNICEF

1. Topic:Review Of The Piloted Community Based Local Production Of Complementary Food And Develops A Strategy For Scaling Up The Intervention- Ref (RFP-ETH-9100876)

2. Background.
Malnutrition is one of the main public health problems of children and women in Ethiopia. Acute and Chronic Malnutrition are the most prevalent with half of Ethiopian children chronically malnourished and one in ten wasted (44%, 28% and 10% of children under five are stunted, underweight and wasted respectively) [1].

While there have been some improvements in the indicators of malnutrition among children under five, the country needs to accelerate in order to o improve the rate of progress to achieve the target 2 of MDG 1, a reduction of underweight among children under five. Cognizant of the magnitude, causes and consequences of malnutrition and lessons learned from previous and current efforts to address malnutrition, the government, in cooperation with partners, has developed the National Nutrition Strategy (NNS) and its program, the National Nutrition Program (NNP) (2008-2012/13), to reduce the burden of malnutrition and its consequences.

In Ethiopia, inappropriate infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices are among the key determinants of malnutrition. UNICEF and partners are supporting the National Nutrition Programme to accelerate the improvement of Infant and Young Child Feeding practices for young children. One of the major interventions is to support the Community-Based Complementary Food Production (C-CFP) in rural, food insecure areas.

3: Objective:
To review the on-going pilot of local production of complementary food at community level in four districts, in Ethiopia and to develop an inter-sectorial strategy for sustainable scale up. Organize a meeting to discuss with AA university and four regional universities engaged in the piloting of the CF to document the lesson learned from the pilot study and identify key operational challenges and constrains. Undertake travel to the four districts (8 kebelles) in the four regions and asses the pilot project and document the key lessons from the visits

4. Qualification and Experience Required:
-More than 5 years of experiences in conducting research on dietary patterns and nutritional epidemiology, including qualitative research in rural and urban areas
-More than 10 years of experience in managing programmes on community-based nutrition and child feeding
-Practical experience on community based production of CF and knows the challenges
-Specific experiences in qualitative research on complementary feeding patterns an asset
-Specific experiences in quantitative research on nutritional compositions an asset
-Verifiable documentation on experiences with preparation of nutrition strategic documents would be an asset

Interested and eligible bidders are invited to collect the complete tender document by sending an email to the address below starting Friday 30- March-2012.

Formal offers are to be submitted to UNICEF on or before 12.00 hrs. Noon Wednesday18-April- 2012.

Due to the nature of the bid, there will be no bid public opening for this offer.

The assignment for (90days) is expected to start Mid- May-2012.

UNICEF reserves the right to accept or reject part or all of any or all bids.

ADDRESS: UNICEF ETHIOPIA, Supply Section, Room 112, Attn. Sebastian Muzuma


P.O.BOX 1169, TEL: +251-11 5184233, ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia
[1] DHS 2010
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