Finance & Admin Analysis Consultant, Field Programs and Corporate Services

Creating a Common Operations Manual for PATH Country Programs

The consultant will be responsible to the Field Programs Team and Corporate Services teams.


PATH is an international nonprofit organization that transforms global health through innovation. We take an entrepreneurial approach to developing and delivering high-impact, low-cost solutions, from lifesaving vaccines and devices to collaborative programs with communities. Through our work in more than 70 countries, PATH and our partners empower people to achieve their full potential.

PATH is committed to expanding its reach and impact on health in low-resource regions around the world. As a result, PATH has greatly expanded its presence, in particular, in sub-Saharan Africa. With this expansion, PATH recognizes that defining and documenting standard operating procedures and ensuring consistent operational guidance to country offices are essential to its effectiveness.

PATH seeks a senior, seasoned consultant to conduct a review and analysis of current financial and administrative processes and procedures, including authorities and approvals, as they are being implemented in country programs and to create a common operations manual template adaptable to each office setting. This review and template development will inform the Field Programs and the Corporate Services teams in the development of comprehensive country program operational guidelines. The consultant selected will focus on three existing country program offices— Zambia, Tanzania and Vietnam—to provide sufficient context and allow understanding of the breadth of issues facing offices in different regions.


  • Analysis of the application of existing financial and administrative policies and guidelines in selected countries; including an assessment of their presentation and accessibility from the field perspective.
  • Development of a draft comprehensive Operations Manual template that integrates and builds upon PATH’s existing guidelines, policies and procedures as well as best practices in the INGO community.
  • Identification of gaps in policies and procedures or in guidance for applying existing policies.
  • Concise recommendations to improve financial and administrative operations in selected countries.


Week 1

In preparation for the consultancy, PATH will collect and provide the consultant with all relevant finance and administrative policies, guidelines and procedures from HQ, including relevant audit and compliance reports. In addition, PATH will make available all existing operations manuals adapted and/or developed by Country Programs.

At PATH HQ in Seattle, the consultant will be briefed by key staff from Corporate Services and Field Programs on existing guidelines, policies and procedures, challenges identified in the their application, and key issues that have emerged from audit findings and support trips. The key staff will include:

  • Field Programs: Ayo Ajayi and team
  • Corporate Services: Division Directors or their delegates overseeing:
    • Grants and Contracts
    • Finance and Accounting
    • IT
    • Global Facilities
    • Legal Affairs

Consultant will create first draft of a comprehensive Operations Manual template, incorporating and/or referencing existing policies, procedures and guidelines, in collaboration with Field Programs and Corporate Services staff involved in this first phase of work.

Week 2-7

The consultant will visit the three countries cited above for a period of two weeks each. The in-country scope of work will include the following:

  • In partnership with PATH field staff, review and document how current operational policies, procedures and guidance are being applied.
  • Identify gaps in policies, procedures and guidance in critical areas identified by the field staff and observed by the consultant in comparison to the draft template.
  • Diagram workflows within the office (including document flow, approval process and roles and responsibilities) for key areas listed above.
  • Develop recommendations to improve workflows within the office forgreater accountability and efficiencies and improved risk management.
  • Where feasible, interview regional Corporate Services staff, e.g. internal auditor, HR partner, for additional perspectives.

Deliverables- Week 8-10

  • Trip report from each country– including diagrams of workflows and recommendations for improved functioning. (A template for the trip report will be provided.)
  • Second draft of Operations Manual template with recommendations for new policy development and existing policy refinement.
  • Draft Operations Manual for country programs, incorporating and/or referencing existing policies, procedures and guidelines.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of 15 years of experience managing international non-profit operations at country, regional and international levels in a variety of organizations
  • Experience working within a multi-donor environment
  • Experience working in a range of organizational models
  • Experience in developing operational guidelines and manuals
  • Knowledge of donor compliance requirements, especially for USG
  • Experience working in a variety of challenging country environments
  • Supervisory experience overseeing financial, accounting and administrative systems


One week to review PATH policies and guidelines, including meetings with HQ staff in Seattle, and to develop first draft Operations Manual template.

Six weeks of field work – (two weeks in each of 3 countries).

Three weeks to complete all trip reports, revise Operations Manual template, and draft Operations Manual for Country Programs.

Estimated start/end dates: March 1, 2012/June 30, 2012.

Job Location
USA/Zambia/Tanzania/Vietnam, To Be Determined

Finance & Admin Analysis Consultant, Field Programs and Corporate Services
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