Tukue Pamoja Graduate Development Programme

Tukue Pamoja Graduate Development Programme

The Tukue Pamoja Graduate Development Programme is designed to equip graduates with industry experience, leadership and professional development through practical learning programmes.

The programme offers a fully integrated toolset to develop graduates by means of three complementary dimensions, skills, knowledge and experience.

Graduates develop skills through hands on experience by means of personal interaction with more senior, experienced team members to learn by means of coaching, on-the-job training, dealing with real challenges in the workplace and learning the nuts and bolts of our business.

Knowledge is gained through information sharing, hard data, and technical instruction programmes coupled with collaboration and information sharing tools that enable each individual to balance field work with structured learning of models and methods.

The two year programme offers graduates a unique learning opportunity with ongoing assessment and feedback and on successful completion of the programme the opportunity for permanent employment with the Company.

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