Social/Resettlement/Compensation Specialist

Social Resettlement Compensation Specialist
Tanzania - Dar es Saalm
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
We are now accepting applicants for Social/Resettlement/Compensation Specialist candidates for water and sanitation projects located throughout Africa.

Job Responsibilities:
Ensure overall compliance of CDM Smith’s contract with the client as it relates to social issues including budget, scope, schedule, quality and reporting requirements on the assignment
Leadership of the social components of the project
Regular reporting to CDM Smith, our client, local government institutions, and other stakeholders as required by the client, and CDM Smith
Oversee remedial actions to avoid or mitigate implementation delays, cost overruns, poor quality of studies, and unmitigated social impacts
Screen all sites identified for civil works to determine need for involuntary resettlement
Develop resettlement plans in accordance with client’s resettlement policy if any of the sites for rehabilitation or expansion will result in involuntary resettlement
Assess land issues, titles, and the potential impact of the ensuing project. Identify compensation needs for resettlement impacts
Adherence to CDM Smith’s quality management program
Monitor and report on contractor compliance with the site specific social management plans and health and safety plans
Participate in meetings with the client, CDM Smith project team and other key stakeholders
Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university
15+ years of experience in the social/resettlement/compensation projects associated with the implementation of medium to large civil projects in accordance with international standards
A minimum of 5 years of experience in developing countries in the sub-Saharan Africa
Previous experience on water and sanitation projects with a preference for projects in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania
The specialist should have in-depth understanding of and international best practices and policy on involuntary resettlement issues
Substantial experience in community mobilization and analysis of resettlement issues, preferably in Africa, will be a great advantage. As a resettlement specialist, the candidate should have thorough understanding of resettlement checklists and guidelines of international donor agencies.
Excellent written and oral communication skills in English, including the ability to prepare reports, presentations and briefing materials
Ability to work as part of a high-performing and multi-disciplinary team, often operating under tight deadlines and timetables;
Ability to speak local languages (Africa) is preferred but not required.
All vendors must have a signed CDM Smith Placement Agreement from the CDM Smith Recruitment Center Manager to receive payment for your placement. Verbal or written commitments from any other member of the CDM Smith staff will not be considered binding terms. All unsolicited resumes sent to CDM Smith and any resume submitted to any employee outside of CDM Smith Recruiting Center Team (RCT) will be considered property of CDM Smith. CDM Smith will not be held liable to pay a placement fee.

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