AJIRA JUMUIYA YA MADOLA - Commonwealth Jobs - 16/5/2016

The Oceans and Natural Resources Advisory Division (‘ONR’) of the Commonwealth Secretariat is seeking to establish a specialist pool to undertake targeted assignments to contribute to the Commonwealth Secretariat’s work. ONR provides legal and technical assistance to member countries concerning the management of oceans and natural resources, funded through the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation.

A significant part of the work of ONR is of an advisory nature, delivered through a combination of in-house and external expertise. This includes projects throughout the 53 Member countries of the Commonwealth that focus on the exploitation and development of natural resources, the delimitation of maritime boundaries, ocean governance and the development and management of different maritime sectors.

To support this work, ONR often engages external experts to undertake the following tasks under the supervision of ONR:

  • Prepare policy, economic and legal background papers, advice, reports and negotiation briefs for review by ONR;
  • Deliver capacity building and training to Commonwealth member Governments concerning the relevant ONR focus area(s);
  • Provide expert advice on scientific and technical issues where required in respect of the relevant ONR focus area(s);
  • Prepare drafting instructions, draft legislation and regulations and related legal advice concerning the relevant ONR focus area(s); and,
  • Assist in State-investor transactional matters and State-State negotiations concerning natural resources management as part of an ONR advisory team.

ONR is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from independent experts, consultants and consulting companies with expertise in the following focus areas: technical aspects of maritime boundary delimitation, ocean governance and marine management, and, natural resources management,
For further information and to apply, please refer to the links below.
Commonwealth nationals and companies will have priority in consideration for placements

Closing date is Tuesday 21 June 2016 at 17:00 BST

- See more at: http://thecommonwealth.org/jobs/call-expression-interest-establishing-specialist-pool-consultants-oceans-and-natural-resources#sthash.ftiism5z.dpuf
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